About Alliance RPO

Alliance RPO is a HR Business Logistics and Talent Management Solutions company that provides flexible, scalable and cost effective solutions to meet your organizational demands.

We supply on-demand Talent Acquisition and HR staff that will augment your existing personnel and allow your people to focus on core responsibilities during rapid growth or in times of critical need.

Focusing on the small to medium sized enterprise, we provide you a fully-customized, outsourced solution that integrates seamlessly into your corporate culture.

Because each company is unique, we architect solutions around your business needs in the following areas:

• Unbundled Recruitment & Human Resource Services

• Temporary & Permanent Recruitment Program Management

• Temporary & Permanent HR Program Management

• Contract/Permanent/Flex Recruiters

• Contract/Permanent/Flex HR Professionals

• HR Business Logistics You choose the solution and the billing model – contingent, hourly or project based.

Areas of Specialization

While Alliance RPO’s assist’s organizations with their every day Talent Management needs, we also provide solutions to those that experience cyclical or seasonal peaks in their business such as retail, hospitality and healthcare. We also work with organizations that are experiencing uncertainty in economic times of change as well as with rapidly moving sectors such as banking, technology and telecommunications.